Ricercare su 24 punti di fuga

(2012) electroacoustic music on 24 tracks [12’ 44”]

Premiered at Suoni Inauditi,  Auditorium “Pietro Mascagni” di Livorno, April 24th 2013

Commissioned by ISSM “Pietro Mascagni”

1 commission by Istituto Mascagni in Livorno

1 French Horn

1 Jewish-feeling melody played by Francesco Marotti on the French Horn over three different octaves

24 loudspeakers arranged in three 8 loudspeakers groups at three different heights

24 impulse responses captured in the Istituto Mascagni Auditorium with source location at the center and mic locations at the 24 loudspeakers

5 comb filters to “pitch” the impulse responses

192 pitches used for convolution between the French Horn and the filtered impulse responses

4 delays series controlled with four different metronomes and eight loop times

24 mono tracks

1 virtual spatializer by Timothy Place and Roberto Doati

One ricercare over 24 vanishing points 1 spatialisation system over 24 independent channels