Il libro del sale

(1994) recorder (double-bass and tenor) and live computer [8’]

Premiered at Cantiere Internazionale d’Arte di Montepulciano, Chiesa di San Francesco, July 1994

Recorders: Antonello Politano

Sound projection: Roberto Doati

A closed book: virgin substance.

Opening the book: substance working.

Page 1

Coming from the sea, the matter is attracted by a black hole.

Page 2

The black hole: History. Fantasia, tripla, Renaissance dance, lamento, motet. Collapse: just the salt, free from waters, can escape.

Page 3

Salt as crystallization, solidification, stability, balance of its components properties.

Closing the book: substance has been made fertile.

Salt, whose taste is indestructible, is also symbol of friendship with Antonio Politano, hand-working alchemist of valuable sounds.