Una Storia chimica

(1987-89) electroacoustic music [15’]

Premiered at “Avevamo nove oscillatori…”, Civica Scuola di Musica di Milano, November 18th 1989

This work is an history because is lived by individuals which choose (or choose not) different organization forms. Some of them, achieved a steady situation, tend to loose their identi­ty (or rather do not try to make an original one) to join with others in orderly, symmetrical and regular structures. Some others, although having the same origin, try to enrich their personality, also through the confrontation with others but never with the intention to join with them. Finally a few of them don’t look for an internal nor an external organization. They wander restless continuously binding and unbinding each other.

It’s an History because contains concrète fragments of History.

It’s chemical because it’s easy to establish a relation between the science which studies  formation, composition, struc­ture of artificial and natural substances and the music which forms their own sounds starting from sound “atom”. From the whole of primary elements and through strong and weak links, rise mole­cules, steady and unsteady compounds. Sometimes these compounds meet substances which are able to untie their links, projecting single elements in unpredictable directions.

It’s A Chemical History because from a frequency whole grow harmonic sounds which privilege temporal organization joining each other in rhythmic structures; inharmonic sounds which through a continuous transformation of their internal organiza­tion take the shape of very dynamic timbres; glides wandering in the frequency domain, changing continuously their – harmonic or inharmonic – spectrum, never reaching a quiet state.

It’s an homage to the “other” French revolution: the Lavoisier’s chemical revolution.

Una Storia chimica has been realized with the facilities of Centro di Sonologia Computazionale, University of Padova.