A rule of thumb. Omaggio a JD

(2014) live electronics solo (8 tracks) [indefinite duration]

Premiered at Festival « Nuova Consonanza », Roma, December 3rd 2014

The work stems from an invitation from James Dashow to participate in the celebrations for his 70 years that Nuova Consonanza organized in Rome in 2014.

Instead of proposing an already made composition, it seemed to me most respectful of Dashow’s  contributions to electronic music and of the high consideration I have for the most valuable advices James has lavished generously at the beginning of my career as a composer in Padova, to create a new composition.

Most of the music material is made up with 5 fragments (all synthetic sounds) from his In winter shine (1983). The spectral components that I get from the analysis are used to synthesize in real-time pitches and timbres through processes similar to those used by James in his Dyad System, but not with the same accuracy. I used somewhat a heuristic principle defined as  “rule of thumb”. This is because many years ago I suggested to James to apply a “rule of thumb” for a composition on the sound quality of a pan struck with the thumb whose timbre fascinated him so much. Today I recorded these kind of sounds and their convolution with the synthetic sounds from James’ composition, will end this music of mine wishing to express all my affectionate gratitude to JD.