La presentazione del piatto

(2013) live electronics in the kitchen. Chef: Luigi Zanco [indefinite duration]

This composition originates from sound material used in the last three minutes of “Seppie senz’osso” (“Cuttlefish without bone”), 5th episode of the audiovisual cooking project Titolo segreto per quadrati, tromba fitta, frutti cavi (Secret title for squares, dense trumpet, hollow fruits),  born from the collaboration with the chef Gigi Zanco and the video composer Paolo Pachini. Why cooking? Because Culinary Art and Music have much in common: there is a tradition of recipes (for music: harmony, counterpoint, classical forms) and both start from common basic materials (sounds) to make them, through countless techniques transformation, complex materials (sound structures) that shaped in a form will create the final dish (music).

The final part of Seppie senz’osso is, in fact, the presentation of the dish. Contained in the visual space that Paolo Pachini had destined for it in the architecture of the entire video, it had stimulated in me the generation of a greater quantity of materials than was necessary. So I thought of processing in real time this material according an improvisation for an autonomous form, independent of visual and gastronomic suggestions.